The Trip

The estimated passage time is about 60 days, and could be longer if Chubby Girl passes too close to the “Pacific High Pressure Zone” and becomes becalmed until the winds return.

The biggest risk factors during a trip like this include being run over by a large ship, being rolled over by large and breaking waves, muscle atrophy from a lack of movement, serious illness or accidental injury, and skin infections from a lack of water and hygiene during extended exposure to salt water.

Date            Latitude          Longitude                       Comments

27 Sep       N37 52.06        W122 19.01         leave Berkeley Marine Center dock 9/27/20     N37 52.00        W122 19.08    left Berkeley Marina, Hawaii bound!

14:21PDT  N37 49.34        W122 28.73    passed under Golden Gate Bridge




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