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  27 August 2020 Update

Because of fires around the SF Bay area, and two hurricanes in the Eastern Pacific  off Mexico, I will postpone the departure date a few weeks.  I will try to leave by the end of September 2020.

Estimated Sail Date September 27, 2020




San Francisco to Hawaii

After passing under the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco Bay and entering the Pacific Ocean, I will steer south by southwest to about the same latitude as the middle of Baja Mexico.  There is a North Pacific High Pressure zone off the shore of California, which lies on the direct path to Hawaii from California, and I must sail to the east and south of this high pressure zone; otherwise, I could be becalmed for extended times with no wind in this doldrum area. This could become a problem since food and water are limited and rationed. After I get further south and into the trade winds, I will turn to the west and ride these winds to Hawaii. 

This path to skirt the High Pressure Zone will add about 700 to 800 miles to the trip, and will require I carry additional water and food in a very limited space. This High Pressure Zone moves around, usually shifts to the south during the fall and winter, and for this reason, I need to monitor the barometric pressure so I can dodge this High Pressure Zone.  A problem with leaving before the end of November is that I may be crossing the path of hurricanes on my westward path to Hawaii. If I wait longer, then I will be in the North Pacific winter storms, which come from Alaska and can be very dangerous for a small boat. 

I will be aiming for four waypoints during the passage.  Waypoints are latitude and longitude positions. The minus sign in front of the longitude position means “west longitude”, which is where I  will be until I cross the International date line after Hawaii — if I go further. A latitude and longitude have 60 minutes, so 21.48  degrees North latitude is 21 degrees and 28.8 minutes North latitude.  Latitude lines run horizontal from the equator (0 degrees)  up to 90 degrees north and south , and longitude lines run vertical and run east and west from Greenwich England, which is Longitude zero degrees and go out 180 degrees East and West.  Between California and Hawaii, I will be in North Latitudes and West Longitudes. 

Chubby Girl and Wil


The original Chubby Girl (pictured to the right) was a custom-designed and built 8 -foot sailboat by Wilbur Spaul in 2018/2019.  The sail rig was an A-frame twin mast design that is raked aft.  There was a very small main sail  and  twin jibs.  She is tiny as far as an ocean boat is concerned.  The interior height between the cabin sole (floor)  and the overhead was about 31 inches, or about the height under a dining room table or office desk. I could not sit up straight when the overhead hatch was closed. 

After about a year of sea trials and modification, I accepted the fact that I had built this boat to be very strong, and as such, it was too heavy, particularly when loaded with provisions and equipment. I salvaged the original Chubby Girl and started on a new, faster, and lighter boat in February 2020.  I also extended the length by one foot, which also increases the hull speed and gives more volume inside to carry provisions and equipment. The mast height was increased, a keel-stepped carbon fiber single mast was installed, and the sail area was increased.

Although some people have told me that the boat’s  name is not politically correct, I am not very worried about that.  Chubby Girl got her name by :

     1. Boats are usually referred to in the feminine gender;   
     2.She is short and wide, which by definition would be a “Chubby Girl”

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